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Smarter Science is excited to present our annual 2-day educators' event. Over the past years Smarter Science has generated a lot of interest. Many teachers have been introduced to the concepts and templates of the Smarter Science framework but need more time to learn about the resources and strategies that we offer.

"Today was a window into a new world of science. The world that’s hands-on, reflective and engaging."

"The process is elegant, easy to implement, logical and as close to true scientific research as I’ve seen."

"Our first day was not what I expected, it was better! Inquiry can change/engage/eliminate “sage on the stage”. Can’t wait until tomorrow"

"I loved the hands-on approach/MINIMAL PowerPoint presentation. A good balance of talking, active components and breaks"

These are just some of the many comments from teachers who attended last years successful Inquiry By The Bay summer institute.

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Youth Science Canada is pleased to offer a new conference schedule for attendees. There will be 6 strands: introductory, assessment and evaluation, creativity and innovation, français, problem-based learning/case study, technological problem-solving/design and build.

You will be able to choose anything from 48 different sessions and build your own personalized schedule. This will make for a much more dynamic conference with many 75 min. workshops and a number of quarter-day workshops.

The program includes speakers and workshops from K-12 teachers, Spongelab, Palcik Education, Explore Learning and Pasco. The full schedule can be found here

The Resort Experience!

Our "All-Inclusive" rate covers lodging, meals, Eventbrite fee and conference fee. We also have a "Day Only" rate for attendees who live nearby that includes lunch, snacks, resort fee, Eventbrite fee and conference fee. You can learn how to engage and motivate your students using a hands-on approach to inquiry.

This year we are offering six strands:

  1.  Introducing Smarter Science: this strand is for educators who wish to learn about the Smarter Science framework and practice basic strategies like Steps to Inquiry and PEOE. Participants in this strand would be teachers that have not yet implemented the Smarter Science approach in their classrooms. Our presenters will provide you with activities and planning templates. During the second day you will identify content from your course and begin the design process.
  2. Nouveau! Enseignants francophones: Les participantes et participants de ce volet n'ont pas encore mis en œuvre le programme Éducasciences dans leurs salle de classe.
  3. Creativity & Innovation: This strand is suitable for educators who have begun using Smarter Science in their classrooms during the past year or so. Coming up with ideas for engaging students in inquiry is difficult. You don't have enough time during the year to reflect on good, creative approaches to topics. Over two days you will be involved in creativity and innovation exercises that will help to spark and tweak your curriculum.
  4. Assessing & Evaluating Inquiry Science: This strand is suitable for educators who have begun using Smarter Science in their classrooms during the past year and have taken Strand 1 or attended a full day Introductory workshop at their Board. You will be introduced to inquiry-centric rubrics and how to co-construct rubrics with your students. Practise developing your own rubrics using online tools.
  5. Problem Based Learning/ Case Study: This is a complex and collaborative approach to inquiry learning. Students investigate multiple sides of a situation to reach a decision or conclusion. Typically they participate in a performance task, such as: debate, mock trial, structured discussion, or oral defense. In addition or alternatively, students may demonstrate understanding through written briefs, physical products, product comparisons or product evaluations.
  6. Technological Problem Solving/ Design & Build: Students develop the ability to design solutions to problems. They create models of new devices or processes to help address human needs and desires. Students are challenged to be creative in their thinking rather than arriving at predetermined answers. Critical aspects of technological problem solving are: careful planning; purposeful selection of tools and materials; testing, retesting, and modifications of a product or process; communicating about the solution; and recommending changes or improvements.

Come and learn about this exciting approach to inquiry-based science in a wonderful resort setting on the shores of Lake Simcoe.

Our "All-Inclusive" rate includes:

  • lakeside accommodations
  • full hot & cold “station-style” buffet breakfast
  • full hot & cold “station-style” buffet lunch
  • served 3-course dinner with 3 entrée selections
  • selected beverages with each meal
  • unlimited 24 hour access to coffee, tea, and beverage break stations
  • use of all on-site recreation equipment and facilities:
    • double tennis courts
    • golf driving nets
    • hot tub/whirlpool
    • sauna
    • mountain bikes
    • paddleboats
    • pool tables and shuffleboards
    • volleyball court

For more information go to
Remember: The conference fee of $75.00 is included in the price of the Conference package!!

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Refund requests must be received 7 days before the institute, either in writing or by email. Registration cancellations are subject to a $20 processing fee.

No refund will be issued for cancellations received less than 7 days before the first day of the institute. Late requests for refunds, due to a family emergency only, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

July 30th, 2013 12:00 AM   jusqu'à   July 31st, 2013 4:00 PM
Kempenfelt Conference Resort
3722 Fairway Road,
Innisfil, ON L9S 1A5
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Regular ($210 + $27.30 HST) $ 318.66
Program Choices
Introduction to Inquiry $ 0.00
Classroom Strategies $ 0.00
Creating Inquiry Challenges $ 0.00
Assessing & Evaluating Inquiry $ 0.00
Problem-based Learning $ 0.00
Case Studies $ 0.00
Science Literacy $ 0.00
Science Literacy $ 0.00
Professional Learning Communities $ 0.00


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