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Tue, 2011-12-13 11:30 -- Mike Newnham

Science in School is a European journal to promote inspiring science teaching. It covers not only biology, physics and chemistry, but also earth sciences, engineering and medicine. The contents include news about the latest scientific discoveries, current science topics, teaching materials, projects in science education, interviews with inspiring teachers and scientists, reviews of books, films and websites, European events for teachers and schools, and many other useful resources for science teachers.

Science in Schoolis freely available. Online articles are published in many European languages and an English-language print version is distributed across Europe. Originally supported by the European Commission, the journal is published and funded by EIROforum, a partnership between eight of Europe’s largest inter-governmental research organisations (

European school teachers are invited to help by:

  • Submitting articles for publication
  • Joining the referee panel and helping to decide which articles to publish
  • Reviewing books and other resources for teachers
  • Translating articles into their own language.

The twenty-first issue ofScience in Schoolis now available to read and download online (

In this issue, discover the secret of the speedy ostrich, take a trip back in time with Julius Caesar's favourite perfume, and monitor the effects of your New Year fireworks. See thecontents, below.

Getting involved

We welcome the involvement of our readers. For example, you might like to:

  • Join the referee panel and help us choose which articles to publish (we particularly need moreprimary-school referees)
  • Translate articles into your native (European) language
  • Review books or other resources for teachers
  • Tell other teachers aboutScience in School(see below)
  • Submit your own articles.

If you are interested, please consult our website ( and then email us ([email protected]).



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