Fees - Groups

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Fees - Groups

Groups include school boards, school districts, associations, federations, universities, etc. Our fees reflect the rate for a standard full day workshop, held at the client's location.

Workshop Fees


(2015-2016 Academic Year)
One full day (minimum 10 participants and maximum 20 participants)** $850.00
Each additional full day participant to a maximum of 30 $45.00
One half day workshop or after-school workshop (minimum 10 participants and maximum 20 participants) $575.00
Each additional half day participant to a maximum of 30 $35.00

Sample Scenario: 1 day workshop for 25 teachers

  • Workshop fee for 20 teachers =$850
  • 5 additional teachers 5 x $45 = $225
  • Expenses - range from $100 to $1000 depending on location
  1. We provide our own AV equipment and demonstration materials.
  2. It is expected that the client will provide photocopying (we supply digital files beforehand), refreshments and meals for the participants.
  3. Travel, meals and accommodation (if needed) are extra
  4. GST/HST is charged on the workshop fee.

Let's Discuss..

Situations vary for different clients and we are willing to discuss fee structures (up to 15% discount on 3 or more workshops) to suit any scenario. Multiple workshops, multiple years, curriculum development, online support and webinars are a few examples.