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Canada 2067: YSC Champions the Future of STEM in Canada

Dim, 2017-08-27 17:16 -- Dominic Tremblay


Youth Science Canada (YSC) is proud to partner with Let’s Talk Science as a Canada 2067 Champion. Canada 2067 is a national initiative with the goal of shaping the future of STEM learning with a focus on grades K-12. The opinions and perspectives of Canadians will be used to “develop an action plan and national vision for STEM learning that will ensure young Canadians are prepared to compete, thrive and contribute in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.” (Canada 2067)

Youth Science Canada’s network includes thousands of Canada’s top young scientists, innovators and STEM educators. This network offers key insights and perspectives that will help influence the development of the action plan and play a significant role in this national initiative. As a Canada 2067 Champion, through advocacy and participant engagement, YSC is helping to engage this network of youth and educators in conversations about STEM.

During YSC’s showcase event, the Canada-Wide Science Fair, finalists and delegates participated in these Canada 2067 conversations, providing their valuable perspectives and opinions on key topics, such as: STEM in the classroom; STEM beyond the classroom; how we learn and teach; and the role educators play. Input from the CWSF conversations was tallied and sent to Canada 2067; it will play a vital role in the development of their action plan.

Canada 2067 is looking for more contributors to its online conversations and feedback to help reach its goal of 200,000. Youth Science Canada encourages you to take part, to help shape the future of STEM education in our country. Canada is a leader in education, but the world is changing. We owe it to future generations to work together, to think big and set ambitious goals for learning to keep pace with this change.

Visit Canada2067.ca and have your say!

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