March is Youth Science Month

Mar, 2016-03-01 13:07 -- Dominic Tremblay



Youth Science Month in Canada

Whereas over 500,000 children and youth across Canada will be participating in local and regional science and technology fairs in every part of the country in March, and

The very best of these participants will earn the right to compete in the Canada-Wide Science Fair, our annual national championships, under the auspices of Youth Science Canada, and

All of these young scientists have worked diligently to produce projects that demonstrate Innovation, Initiative and Imagination, and

It is in the best interests of young people to acquire knowledge and skills in science and technology in order to better understand the world and to further their educations and future career prospects, and

It is in the best interests of our society and our economy to support the creation of an innovation culture and the nurturing of a generation of scientifically literate young people who will push forward the boundaries of our knowledge and improve the quality of our lives in the future, and

All Canadians should be supporting and celebrating our young scientists.

Therefore, Youth Science Canada proclaims that March 2016 is the annual

Youth Science Month in Canada

So proclaimed March 1st, 2016 by

Youth Science Canada

Malcolm Butler, PhD Chair

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