Instructions for Presenters

  • We are striving to make this event as green as possible, please keep handouts to a minimum.
  • Please bring your own materials, LCD projector if you have one and any handouts for participants. There is photocopying available at the Conference Centre for which they charge us a fee.
  • For those of you arriving on Monday, there will be early registration available between 7:00pm and 9:00pm in the CTMC building, on the lower level, outsideCentre Hall. General registration will also be available on Tuesday morning at 7:30am, same location.
  • We would like to have a softcopy of your presentation materials to publish to the Smarter Science website. You can either email them to Mike at[email protected]or we will provide a USB stick for copying to when you are at the event.
  • Attendees have been asked to express interest in the various sessions but are not required to formally register. Therefore, session attendee numbers are not known at this time. However, each classroom will be set up with round tables to accommodate 16-20 participants and will have two flipcharts with markers.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.