Help us set the World Record for the Largest Practical Science Lesson at multiple locations!

Sun, 2012-09-09 08:34 -- Mike Newnham

Smarter Science is excited to announce that we are partnering with the team to establish a new Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Practical Science Lesson at multiple locations'.

The record-breaking event will take place on Friday, October 12, 2012 at exactly the same time across Canada, and we are looking for event organizers and participants to make this historic record as great as possible.
If you are interested in organizing a 30 minute record-breaking event at your school, science centre, community organization or place of work, please continue reading to find out what’s involved and how easy it can be. Not only will you be a part of this historic record-breaking event, but your event will be featured on and Smarter Science!

Watch the video trailer:

How do we do it?

Setting the world record for Largest Practical Science Lesson involves encouraging as many participants as possible to take part in a mass science lesson along with thousands of other participants across the country. The lesson consists of a simple lesson plan on Bernoulli's Principle followed by two small experiments:

Water Mister- click for lesson

Kissing Balloons- click for lesson

The more people you can get to participate, the better! We want the new record to be difficult to challenge for a long time.

How to Plan Your Event

Organizing your own event is easy!

Before the event:

  • Estimate how many participants will take part in your event (min. 25 per location) and decide which venue would be the best.
  • Fill out the online participation form and check the 'yes' box that says you are a Smarter Science teacher. Please submit a simple floor plan of your venue as soon as possible so that it can be approved by Guinness.
  • Find at least two independent witnesses who are not associated with your organization. For example, for schools, the witnesses cannot be teachers, staff or parents of students. The witnesses will oversee the lesson and either count the participants or observe the chosen Guinness-approved counting method. Choosing the witnesses could be a great opportunity for you to involve well-known leaders in your community.
  • Find stewards to supervise the participants. There must be one steward for every 50 participants, but if you will have fewer than 100 participants, you do not need a steward.
  • Select qualified instructor(s) such as educators or scientists to lead the activities.

During the event

  • Use a Guinness-approved counting method to track participants as they enter the venue. Make sure to discount anyone who leaves during the event.
  • Monitor the entrances and exits with time-stamped video footage. Video footage must capture the counting process as well as the entire record-breaking attempt.
  • Divide participants in teams of up to five to perform the experiments.
  • Assign each steward to a specific group of participants (maximum 50 per steward).
  • Watch the clock on and announce the start and end times with a loud signal.
  • Have two timekeepers time the activity with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds. Note that these must be captured with video footage.
  • Follow the lesson plan to perform the activities.
  • Take photos throughout the venue and a group photo that clearly shows all participants.
  • Have witnesses and stewards write hand-written statements to attest to the validity of the event. Statement forms will be provided by

After the event

  • Mail witness and steward statements to They must be hand-written and signed.
  • Upload the video footage and add the URL to your participation form.
  • Upload the photos in electronic format through your participation form.

Contact Us

General Inquiries: [email protected]

If you would like to speak to a teacher or other event organizer, please contact: